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Services and works

KDMS perform construction diving and marine services. We provide construction, maintenance and service around the facilities in and adjacent to the water. We carry out contracts throughout Sweden and we'll be happy to provide a cost-free price offer. We offer services in the following areas:

  • Inspections and examinations of bridges, piers and concrete structures in and adjacent to the water.

    The inspection includes the status assessment of the structure and the measures proposed by the remarks. We also perform non-destructive testing under water including ultrasonic inspection, dye penetrant inspection and X-ray of steel structures. 

    Bridge inspections are carried out according to current regulations in Sweden. Their purpose is to clarify the bridges physical and functional condition and to provide a basis for planning and implementation of measures. Our staff has undergone Transport Administration training for bridge inspection, Batman.

  • Inspection and status assessment of all structures within or adjacent to water.

    Our employees hold training for concrete and steel structures. We are also working with the client for a possible action plan or maintenance program.

    In cooperation with Inspecta Sweden AB, we also perform non-destructive testing underwater in:

    • Ultrasound, thickness measurement and status assessment of welding. Volumetric defects
    • MPI, external defects such as cracks.
    • Video and still image inspection.
  • Vessel Inspection

    Inspection of the hull and status assessment of ships. Thickness measurement of the hulls with ultrasound.

  • Ship Repairs

    Welding works at the damage to the ship's hull.

  • Construction diving

    New construction and repair of concrete and steel structures in and adjacent to the water, forming, reinforcement, underwater welding and casting. This includes, for example, docks, bridges and piers.

  • Excavation under water

    We carry out excavation of submarine cables, pipelines for drinking water and wastewater, this includes methods that flush, Injector suction and mechanical excavation from a barge (excavator).

  • Towing and laying of cable

    Towing and laying of submarine cables and wires.

  • Status Assessment and replacement of cathodic protection.

    Replacement of anodes in ports.